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Victory in death.

Henry is a fellow that comes to an end where there is a beast guarding his progression. After a short examination of the beast, Henry realizes that this beast is dangerous. As Henry is examining the beast, he is confronted with another fellow within a similar perdicament, almost gleefully so. His name is Victor and he admits that his stay has been for longer then wished apon, however, do not frett cause he's got an idea to rid this beast for good. Victor is dressed in armour, top to toe. A sword with a thicker end then the rest and a great shield with a blue sigil on it. As Henry speaks to Victor, Victors face is covered by his glorious helmet. Victor turns towards the beast as he throws a piece of fresh meat towards the beast, whereas the beast has no interest in deceased flesh, or just no interest in Victors gift. However, after a short silence, Victor laughs a short burst with confidence as he points at the beast, quietly proclaiming that there are battles to come and in the end, he shall stand victorious. Victor informs Henry that there are routes around the beast yet Victor cannot leave. This new found mission is far to degrading if he leaves it without glorious victory. Henry asks if he would require assistance, and Victor laughs a short burst again. Victor hushs Henry as he explains that the effort he's put into this can not be of waste if he rises victorious. Assistance will sadly put his effort to vain as he was not strong enough to fight the beast alone. Victor assures Henry that this is neither his first battle against beasts nor will it be his last. Victor knows his way around his sword. Victor proclaims to have a swing like a falling tree and a push like a rolling bolder. Victor goes to sharpen his blade and sits down by his campfire, grabbing a grindstone and starts sharpening. Henry leaves Victor be as he bids his farewells and thank yous. Henry takes the route Victor mentioned and finds a small town at the end of it. The town was filled with resources for cheep coin and Henry was a man made of coin. After a short while, Henry returns to Victor to investigate how glorious of a battle it truely was however, confronted with Victor; both wounded and in loss of armour and his shield, he falls back to camp to rest his body. As Henry is confronted with how damaged Victor is, he rushes to assist. Victor stumbles to his seat where Henry gently helps him down. As Victor thanks Henry for not stealing his wine, Victor chuggs down a gulp or two before halting to take a few breaths. Victor hands Henry the wine, and Henry does the same. Victor laughs quietly. As he grabs his sword to sharpen it yet again. The blade, missing parts of itself and shards here and there is clearly in terrible condition. It was never a poorly made blade, the steel is greatly forged, however, it's not the most expensive of blades, it is not a poor mans weapon. Victor's helmet is opened enough for Henry to see his face. Victor is smiling. Victor notices that Henry has noticed his content behaviour and explains that it would seem strange to many why he would be smiling, with how things are at times. Infections are spreading quickly, beasts are attacking and darkness fills our excistance at every corner. Life is rather scary, if you ask many. Yet, I keep laughing. I laugh to remind myself that if I stop laughing; I will cry, and that's not very funny.



"So, I wrote this story with the only goal of having the phrase 'I laugh because if I stop I will cry and that's not very funny.' in a story. I diden't work that much to make this story great and saddeningly so. My end goal was twisted a bit but all for the best of the story. I enjoy this story, thought, there is no real ending, the beast is never explained to be alive or dead, the distance between the beast and the character makes no sense to me as they can see it but it won't attack them. Honestly, this story is shit. However, in my experience; shit can produce beautiful flowers." ~ Writer.

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